Friday, May 13, 2011

Pro Love

Sometimes things just click.  Sometimes it's on the wrong day.  Sometimes it's on the right day.  I don't know what will happen next Monday but I had an amazing ride last Sunday.  Perfect temps all day with a very light breeze along with incredible company during the morning portion of the ride and a nice group to hang with in the afternoon followed by a quiet, ambitious, and thought filled evening made for a perfect day of cycling. 

Days like that are what it's all about.

Not many of us have pro legs or pro lungs or a pro heart but all of us have pro love for the sport.  We get out there and slog it out in the worst conditions.  Smoking heat.  Dripping humidity.  Gale force winds.  Washing machine rain.  We grimace while we're doing it.  We smile while we're doing it.  We listen intently while our friends and acquaintances reveal how they sprinted, gasping for breath, over a small hill and caught the break.  We, in turn, tell our own tales of how we barely hung on to the lead group for 18 miles at a 26 mile per hour pace, and get a clap on the back.  We are a close knit community that is somewhat unique… we live our sport every day.  The glory days are now.  Not 20 years ago.  We live for the epic rides and epic company and give the utmost hell to those who reside on the couch, cajoling them into joining us on a journey that will take us a life time to complete.  We'll ride to our graves.  We all have pro intentions.  We all have pro love.

Steve Verdell


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