Saturday, May 14, 2011

Looking back. . .before moving ahead

circa 1988

With the VeloSocial and 1988 Assault film screening today, thought I'd post the t-shirt from that Assault, which was my first (I designed and drew the 1990 t-shirt, by the way, below).

See 14 Assaults t-shirts HERE.

I started looking through the scattered data of the Assaults from 1988 until 2010 and realized that we have many gaps, sadly in that data--several Assaults have my name listed and no time or placing (including my first "best time" of around 6:20, probably in the early 1990s). But I did scraped together this:

Year, Time, Place

1988, 7:11, 342

1989, 6:57, 352 (notice I had a better time, but worse place)

1994, 6:34, 107

2004, 7:58 (this was ugly, folks)

2005, 7:34, 88 (this was the infamous 117-mile edition)

2006, 6:09 (from memory, but can't find that year's information)

2007, 5:57, 62 (not bad at 46)

2008, DNF (a little humility after first and only year breaking 6 hours--record heat)

2009, 6:25, 93

2010, 6:10, 75

What stands out to me about Assault data is the variation in time and place; the group of riders greatly impacts both your time and your place--so having hard finishing targets can be deceiving (again, think of my last post about my 2010 ride, which I nearly quit but had my second highest placing ever).

Paul Thomas


  1. 1988 was my first year doing the Assault and my first century. it took me 12-1/2 hours to finish! I had been riding only since 1987 and didn't know much about training & riding. (I would return in 1990 in much better shape, making it to Marion in 3-1/2 hours before pulling out due to injury.) I remember seeing camera crews all over the course. I thought that's just the way it was done on organized rides. I'm afraid I don't have that t-shirt anymore, but I might have the patch somewhere. Thanks for the memories.

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