Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Prep.

For the week of Dec. 20-25, I began some basic weight and stretching exercises to shake off a bit of the rust from 2 months of indolence.  My weight has not risen over the holidays, a good thing, but I feel out of shape and unhappy with myself for being out of shape.  This is normally a great motivator for me.  Beginning the afternoon of the 25th, I'm on the bike for a couple of short rides just to confirm that one doesn't forget how to ride a bike and then I'll move to a couple of longer rides.

And then, alas, I will be traveling for a month and will not be able to ride.  I'll be as dutiful as I can be about sit-ups / crunches, taking stairs rather than elevators, eating intelligently, and taking advantage of hotel fitness rooms if they are available.  And then I'll get serious on the 26th of January and begin to ride with a bit of focus. 

I'll use the Lance Armstrong Intermediate program to get going and then move to the Advanced program about the end of March.

Dennis M. Wiseman
Reeves Family Professor of French
Wofford College

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