Sunday, December 26, 2010

My early training for the Assault

I logged heavy miles throughout 2010 from January into September (my 2010 total will be above 10, 500 miles), with three 100+ mile Saturdays and a 240 mile Friday after that in September—so by November I needed rest.

After a week+ of no riding and rest in late November, I committed to UWBL in December (and have used this strategy since the UWBL began). With the unusual cold this fall and winter, I have ridden mainly moderate intensity rides, including only about 50-65 miles on the long Saturday rides (I have a 77 mile UWBL and a 90 mile Sunday when the last UWBL was canceled this December).

But December into January is devoted to base miles, in which I try to complete one long ride (more than 75) at least once a week. My December miles will approach 700-750 miles (if the Christmas snow melts), and I am targeting completing the Terry's Tap Room Century on January 1 and riding most of the UWBL rides, which help increase both miles and intensity into February.

January into February will continue dedicated long Saturday rides (or once a week as weather permits) and a gradual increase in rides that push the intensity. For a point of reference, here are my monthly miles for 2010 (and note that I am pretty consistenet with riding 4-5 days per week throughout the year):

Jan 2010 = 824 mis
Feb 2010 = 943 mis
Mar 2010 = 956 mis
Apr 2010 = 1075 mis
May 2010 = 1066 mis
June 2010 = 796 mis
July 2010 = 903 mis
Aug 2010 = 861 mis
Sept 2010 = 1008 mis
Oct 2010 = 829 mis
Nov 2010 = 592 mis
Dec 2010 = 662 mis (through Dec 26)

Notice I use high mileage building up to the Assault in May, and then back off in June (miles while keeping intensity). I usual having higher intensity throughout the summer into fall but rebuild endurance until the beach ride before resting and then regrouping in December as a beginning build up to the next Assault.

Paul Thomas, EdD, Associate Professor
Furman University

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