Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wrapping up the 2013 Assaults

Congratulations to everyone who completed the 2013 Assault on Mount Mitchell. It was a terrific day of riding with ideal weather conditions and a lot of fun.

A special thanks go out to all the volunteers. They went the extra mile on every occasion. Sometimes we are too exhausted to give them proper thanks during the ride, but I hope they realize how much they are appreciated.

Of the Mitchell rides in which I’ve participated, this one seemed to go the smoothest. Hats off to Angela and Keenan for all their efforts. Of course with a ride as logistically challenging as AOMM, there are going to be occasional inconveniences. Nobody likes the the long bus rides or waiting for their bikes, for instance, but to my knowledge there were not any major issues. Thanks to the riders for being patient with the organizers and letting them do their thing.


Unofficial Results are posted here:


You can still purchase apparel until June 3rd here:

Event Photos

You can find Finish Line and Bill’s Hill photos here:

You can find photos from Highway 80 here:

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